Madrid hosts the IAVS 2022 on June 27th – July 1st, 2022

Daniel Sánchez Mata

Rosario G. Gavilán

Dear colleagues.

We cordially invite you all to take part in the 64th IAVS Annual Symposium in Madrid, Spain, the highly biodiverse southwestern corner of the European continent. The symposium, initially planned for the current year 2021, had inevitably to be postponed due to the COVID pandemic. The season now scheduled in Spain is a great choice for the symposium and for both pre- and post-symposium excursions.

We are aware of the difficulties and restrictions that still exist for free movement, international travel and for the search for resources. To facilitate maximum participation in the symposium, it has been decided, with the consensus of the IAVS Governing Board, that the format of the symposium will be hybrid; that is, both face-to-face and virtual. Please visit the symposium website carefully for more information on each modality.

The in person symposium will be held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, at the Ciudad Universitaria, a vast land area located in the northwestern part of the city, which is home to various educational, cultural, and official institutions and their related dependencies. The symposium will take place on the Moncloa Campus (Campus of International Excellence) of the Complutense University.

The main theme of the symposium is Vegetation dynamics and conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats in a climatic crisis scenario. Other related topics will include conservational and methodological strategies, human uses of the landscape and habitat restoration, among others. Specific themes include:

  • Diversity and functioning of natural and semi-natural habitats
  • Conservation of relict vegetation as threatened habitats
  • Pre-human landscapes
  • Human impact as a driver of vegetation dynamics
  • Habitat restoration
  • The role of cryptogams in terrestrial habitats
  • What about the future? Conservation challenges

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we hope you will find the opportunity to attend this symposium and to participate by sharing your recent research and works. Please be aware of the updated info on this active webpage.


Madrid, October 2021