Travel & Registration Grant

Members may apply for financial support to participate in an annual meeting of IAVS. These funds are very limited and the Global Sponsorship Committee will work with the local organizing Committee to set criteria and administer the application process. Information about how to apply for will be available on the website established for the particular meeting.

  • Applicant must be a member of IAVS and give oral or poster presentation at the symposium. If you are not a member yet, you can join at the IAVS Membership Page (reduced and free membership is available for persons with financial constraints).
  • The applicant can be a student or researcher.
  • If the applicant has already received the travel grant for IAVS Symposium in the past two years, she/he can apply again but will receive only 70% of the total approved amount (exception: if the applicant received the registration grant for the Virtual IAVS Symposium 2021).
  • Applicants from high-income countries will obtain only 70% of the approved funding.
  • Evaluation by committee members is based on a) motivation letter (+CV) and b) abstract. The evaluation is done on scale 0 (poor) to 5 (excellent).
  • The final evaluation is including also professional age criteria: graduate (MSc or PhD) student = 5, post-doc = 4, researcher/professor/other = 2. This will be added to the table in the end.
  • The final calculation is based on the average from abstract + motivation letter/CV + professional age, with the following weights: abstract 2/5, motivation & CV 2/5, professional age 1/5. The budget and category of the grant (travel or registration grant) must be described in the motivation letter.
  • The awarded budget is not based on the budget requested by the applicant, but on the budget estimated by GSC committee (estimated cost of flight ticket, early bird registration fee, budget accommodation – 1 person budget hotel room nearby the conference venue). Conservative criteria are applied: the applicant will not get a budgeted allocation that she/he did not request (e.g. if accommodation was not requested in motivation letter, it would not be awarded); on the other hand, if applicants requested a lower amount for an expense than we estimate the true cost to be (e.g. for accommodation), we use our estimate to make the award comparable to that received by others. Also, GSC does not support fee for social events (e.g. conference dinner) and pre- or post-symposium excursions.
  • The total award (after discounts) should cover at least the price of the registration fee.

For this meeting, we will have two categories of grants:

1) Travel grant: if the applicant is attending the meeting in person. The applicant may request in the motivation letter the budget necessary as described above

2) Registration grant: if the applicant is attending the meeting online. In this case, the applicant may request the budget to cover the registration fee costs.

Our mission is to offer sufficient support to attend the Symposium to as many applicants as possible. Since the budget provided by IAVS is limited, we spend considerable time to do the evaluation in order to fair selection. Any budget, not used by individual awardee, will be used to support other applicants, either the same or next year. Please, do not apply for the travel award in case you do not necessarily need it. Also, if you manage to solicit funding from other sources (other foundation, institutional money, grant project) and you do not need the travel award (or a part of it) anymore, please inform the chair of GSC about this situation as soon as possible. This can be done both before the date of the conference, but also after it (before issuing the reimbursement). Double reimbursement of the same cost from different sources is considered as unethical behavior and will be investigated by Ethical Committee of IAVS, with possible consequences for the awardee (e.g. cancelling the reimbursement order and prohibiting the person from applying the IAVS travel awards in the future).


To submit your application for Travel & Registration Grant, please use the following form: