Special Sessions

Local Organizing Committee invites proposals for SPECIAL SESSIONS offering a forum for the presentation and discussion of important and timely aspects of vegetation science. We specifically encourage proposals linked to the main theme of the symposium.

Please submit now proposals (approximately 1 page) by email to Daniel Sánchez-Mata (dsmata@ucm.es) or Rosario Gavilán (rgavilan@ucm.es). Proposals should include the following information:

Title: The title should allow conference attendees to understand the focus of the Special Session.

 Provide a brief abstract of no more than 200 words in which you explain the rationale of the topic, especially why it is relevant to vegetation science and how it is linked to the main theme.

Proposed speakers:
 Provide a short list of proposed speakers who are willing to contribute to the Special Session.

The deadline for proposals is February, 13th, 2022; notifications of acceptance / rejection will be announced by February 22, 2022.

Approved Special Sessions

The approved Special Sessions are published with their corresponding acronyms. Participants who consider adscribing their communication to any of them must indicate it clearly in the abstract submission form (acronyms). They are the following:


Biocrust in a changing world: dynamic interactions between cryptogamic cover and vegetation

Leopoldo García Sancho & José Raggio Quílez  (Madrid)


Using Classification to Elucidate Vegetation Dynamics and Conservation of Habitats

IAVS-Vegetation Classification Working Group


Insights from community assembly for ecosystem restoration

Verónica Cruz and David Moreno (Cambridge, Harvard)


Ecological stability, from vegetation science to ecosystem processes

Felicia Miranda Fischer & Francesco de Bello (Valencia)


Challenges on the knowledge of Halophytic Vegetation: what we know and what we must know

Daniel Sánchez Mata (Madrid)


Historical vegetation ecology and conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats under climate change

Guillaume Decocq (France), Radim Hédl and Peter Szabo (Brno)


Threatened Vegetation of Latin America and the Caribbean: prospects and approaches

Cloe Xochitl and Alejandro Velázquez (México)


Plant and Vegetation Mapping in ecology and conservation: Pitfalls, Uncertainties and new ways forward

Marco Malavasi and Duccio Rocchini (Prague, Bologna)


Palaeoecology meets Vegetation Science to address present and future environmental challenges

Lourdes López-Merino (Madrid) and Saúl Manzano (León)


Remote Sensing for Vegetation Science

Sebastian Schmidtlein (Karlsruhe), Jana Müllerová and Duccio Rocchini (Prague, Bologna)


Can restoration of natural forests in urban areas ameliorate Global Warming and enhance biodiversity?

Kazue Fujiwara (Yokohama) and Elgene Box (Athens)